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Educate the Planet Offers Scholarships to Study on ACCA Programmes!

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Educate the Planet Launches New Awarding Campaigns!

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Congratulations to Additional Awarding Winners!

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Congratulations to our Scholarship Winners!

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Tailor-made courses across a variety of specialisations and business areas

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Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one

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Education is the most powerful asset which you can use to change the world


Welcome to Educate the Planet. Our foundation's mission is to grant scholarships to international students which will enable them to study at highly ranked universities and colleges.

Educate the Planet creates educational opportunities for talented students, putting them on track to advance their careers and improve their prospects.

Through support grants and advice, we help individuals overcome financial challenges, break down educational barriers and build a brighter future.

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Scholarship Winners

Kanykei Mukhanbedova

"I have always been interested in foreign traditions, especially in British. It’s a good opportunity for me not just to enrich my vocabulary of English, also learn more about this beautiful country and way of life."

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Haypheng Aing

"I dream to become an IELTS instructor and trainer later on in the future that is partly a reason to choose this course in a hope that I could be trained and learn efficiently and effectively."

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Shahin Mahmud

"As someone interested in making the law accessible to those most affected by its shortcomings and abuse, I would like to explore the ways in which lawyers can work with communities and still achieve large-scale impact through the law."

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Khulkar Karimova

“Studying in the real English environment and feeling the English atmosphere are my long-awaited dreams. Since my school-age, I have been always dreaming of studying abroad with English professors, advisors, and with my peers from all over the world”.

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Aselia Azamatova

“I want to improve my English language. My interest in English goes back to the time when I was at school. This interest has only grown through my years at school and high school, as I have learnt more and more about the subject.”

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Oluwadare Olatunji

“I chose to study on this course because in the world of today technology has taken hold of everything. I find interest in communication because of the world we are in now ”.

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Viet Thai Van

“Having an opportunity to study English in the UK cannot but enhance my knowledge of English. This course could also be considered as a cultural exchange between the Vietnamese people and the English.”

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Madina Urdobayeva

“I believe that this scholarship will help me to access to new knowledge in the field of the English language. In the nearest future I am going to apply for a Master’s abroad. For this purpose I need to make my command of English much better.”

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Pirzada Junaid

“I want to study on this programme because I want to get admission into the leading universities across globe so as to explore my talent. This is the reason for my decision to take this course.”

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Foundation advisors

David Game, MA, MPhil

David Game is one of the UK’s most original education entrepreneurs and philanthropists. David is known for his energy, dynamism and innovative approach to educational provision.

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Eric Stevens

An international business expert with solid background in product manufacturing, green solution industries, entertainment, and global product development. A co-author of the Theory of Industrial Evolution and a founder of the Back to Life Project.

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Dr. John Dalton

John Dalton is a recognised authority on reputation management, in particular its related disciplines of issue and crisis management.

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Dr. Thao D.H. Ngo

Thao D.H. Ngo is an expert in cross-border business development, marketing, sales, and technology investments in Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam.

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Dr. Marina Dibrova

Dr. Marina Dibrova is a rector of the Nevsky Institute of Language and Culture.

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Sabiha Rumani Malik

Sabiha Rumani Malik is the founder and president of The World Bee Project CIC, a British social enterprise.

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Aleksandras Aleksejevas

A talented Lithuanian sculptor whose private and public art collections can be found throughout the world. An associate member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors and a member of Moscow International Art Foundation.

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Michael Rye

Michael gives guidance in supporting and strengthening advancement of education through creditable and responsive programming.

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Mini MBA Scholarships at Educate the Planet

Mini MBA Scholarships at Educate the Planet We are proud to announce that today we have signed an agreement with UK Online Academy and from December 2, 2016 we are offering Mini MBA programmes scholarships for their students!

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5 Reasons to Study Online

Educate the Planet reasons to study online Online education is gaining worldwide popularity every year and is continuously becoming part of both academic and professional life.

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The University of Buckingham: Reassurances for EU students after BREXIT

Therefore, the University of Buckingham would like to reassure all EU applicants and students that nothing will change with regards to EU fees and loan eligibility for current students or indeed students Undoubtedly, the result of the UK referendum was quite unpredictable and unexpected for many.

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Support Kanykei on Generosity

Support Kanykei Mukhanbedone on Generosity Crowdfunding Platform Educate the Planet is always on a mission to help talented and motivated international students fulfill their dreams by getting access to high quality education in world acclaimed institutions.

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Support Educate the Planet on Indiegogo

Support Educate the foundation in crowdfunding platform Indiegogo Educate the Planet has created a campaign on Indiegogo, a crowdfunding platform for entrepreneurial projects.

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Haypheng Aing Has Been Awarded Scholarship

Educate the Planet scholarship winner Haypheng Aing, a winner from Cambodia, has been recently awarded a scholarship by Educate the Planet Advisor.

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