Congratulations to Educate the Planet Scholarship Awardees!

results of awarding campaign
Educate the Planet congratulates winners of the Awarding campaign!

Educate the Planet congratulates winners of the Awarding campaign! We also give our thanks to all the candidates who applied for scholarships starting from the project launch in December 2015. We appreciate aspirations and efforts you put to move ahead in your academic and professional future! Scholarship winners will be informed and provided with further instructions within 2-3 days.

The winners of the Awarding campaign are:

  1. Kanykei Mukhanbedova, 24 years – Kyrgyzstan
  2. Shahin Mahmud, 24 years – Bangladesh
  3. Haypheng Aing, 24 years – Cambodia

We have received more than 5000 applications from over 30 countries, which stresses the importance of our global mission and proves your willingness to get quality education abroad. Due to a great number of talented candidates who applied, the choice of scholarship awardees was difficult, yet fair and unbiased. All applications were carefully reviewed in terms of eligibility requirements. Only fully completed applications passed to the Awarding stage for Advisor’s voting.

Want to apply? Take another chance of winning a scholarship in our Additional Awarding campaign!  Please refer to our scholarship application guide to see the details of the application process.