First Scholarships Candidates Shortlisted By Educate the Planet Foundation!

shortlisting results

Educate the Planet is pleased to announce the results of the first shortlisting campaign.

Since launch of the project in December 2015 we have carefully processed more than 5 000 applications and selected the most prospective candidates. We will contact the shortlisted applicants individually within 2-3 days via email.

Here is a list of countries with the number of candidates who are just a step away from the Awarding stage:

Bangladesh 2
Cambodia 1
India 1
Kazakhstan 2
Kenya 2
Kyrgyzstan 4
Nigeria 6
Pakistan 3
Tajikistan 1
Uzbekistan 2
Vietnam 1
Total 25

You still have a few days left to complete your application and apply for a scholarship for free. After March 7, 2016 we will no longer provide micro-scholarships covering the Application Processing Fee (£20) for 1 (one) application for 1 (one) course or programme in 1 (one) country of study.

After March 7, 2016 you will have to pay the Application Processing Fee from your own funds.


How to increase your chances to get a scholarship?

We encourage you to apply for 2 and more courses or/and programmes in more than 2 countries of your choice. With 2 and more applications completed you improve your chances of getting a scholarship. We advise you to consider several countries to minimise risks related to getting a visa.

Please see this page to get more details on application processing.