Educate the Planet Launches New Awarding Campaigns!

new educate the planet awarding campaigns launched

Educate the Planet is proud to announce that new Awarding campaigns have been launched!

Now that winners of the previous campaigns were chosen, the foundation is on a mission to give more international students an opportunity to win full and partial scholarships in order to get education at acclaimed universities, colleges and schools worldwide.

We are delighted to announce the launch of the following campaigns:

  1. The new Awarding campaign starts on April 1, 2016. It will last until June 27, 2016. Educate the Planet will grant both full and partial scholarships to the most motivated and prospective students. Candidates can apply for all kinds of programmes and courses they require.
  2. The special IELTS Guaranteed Partial Scholarships campaign starts on April 1, 2016. In this case applications will be reviewed by May 29, 2016. This is a special Educate the Planet initiative to support applicants willing to enroll onto IELTS preparation courses.

Apply here

You can no longer use your previous application(s) in our system, so you will have to create new ones to participate in the new Awarding campaigns.

To succeed in our Awarding campaigns, we recommend you to:

  • Fill in applications for one and more programmes and/or courses. In such a way you will raise your chances of getting a scholarship.
  • Send your application for Priority review. As you provide your application for review ahead of schedule, you can know faster whether it has all the necessary details and can be accepted for Awarding.
  • Attach self-promotional videos and essays to your application(s) in order to stand out from other candidates and make your application more appealing and noticeable.

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