Haypheng Aing Has Been Awarded Scholarship

Educate the Planet scholarship winner

Haypheng Aing, a winner from Cambodia, has been recently awarded a scholarship by Educate the Planet Advisor.

The foundation has granted Haypheng a full-tuition scholarship to study on IELTS course (English) at Regent Language School, London, UK. The awarding took place on April 29, 2016.

“The reason I appreciate receiving the scholarship is because now I will be able to improve my English language and make a step close to my dream. I was extremely happy to win this scholarship because it is such a valuable chance for a guy from Cambodia to go to the UK and study on an IELTS course. Thank you, Educate the Planet!”

We believe that Haypheng Aing will now be able to realise his potential and achieve his personal goal.

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