Support Kanykei on Generosity

Support Kanykei Mukhanbedone on Generosity Crowdfunding Platform

Educate the Planet is always on a mission to help talented and motivated international students fulfill their dreams by getting access to high quality education in world acclaimed institutions.

We do our best to provide funding to prospective individuals from all over the world.

Recently we have awarded a full tuition scholarship to Kanykei Mukhanbedova to study on the English language programme at Regent Language School, UK. Unfortunately, Kanykei is unable to fund her own expenses, such as costs of travel and meals due to the lack of finance and a poor economic situation in Kyrgyzstan.

However, Kanykei decided not to give up and do her best to raise enough money to make her dream come true. With a view to that she has created a crowdfunding campaign on Generosity. With sufficient support Kanykei should be able to receive enough funding to go to Regent Language School, UK.

We invite you to lend a hand to a motivated young lady from Kyrgyzstan and donate as much as possible. If everyone donates even only 1$, it will still make Kanykei’s dream closer.

Let us all help Kanykei realise her potential and make her dream come true!