5 Reasons to Study Online

Educate the Planet reasons to study online

Online education is gaining worldwide popularity every year and is continuously becoming part of both academic and professional life.

According to Forbes, job seekers and headhunters will increasingly recognize the value of online certificates as demonstration of the acquired skills and knowledge. Google and other large companies already list online courses and online programmes as required qualifications for technical and manager positions.

Online courses have a few strong advantages that make international students prefer online education to onsite or full-time mode of study. So what are the main reasons to choose e-learning

1. Easy Access

As a rule, online universities and courses tend to have lower entry requirements. Therefore, if your level of language proficiency or academic qualifications are not enough to be eligible for full-time or part-time programmes, you may as well enroll onto an online course of your choice. What’s more, online degrees tend to be much or at least relatively cheaper.

2. 24/7 Support

The majority of international students believe that studying online will deprive them of support and guidance. However, it is not so. Most online programmes are designed in such a way so as to provide all students will 24/7 access to materials, support from university tutors, chat with all other students and feedback on your progress. Your fellow students will be a great source of motivation in interactive study groups and discussion boards.

3. Flexibility

Online courses allow you to manage your time and pace yourself. Thus you can easily combine studies with your career and family life. Online programmes have a few teaching periods every year, which means that international students have a chance to speed up or slow down at their convenience.

4. Variety

With the growing popularity of online education more and more universities offer specialised courses and programmes online. Here at Educate the Planet we offer a great variety both of full-time and online courses, so feel free to read more information about the programmes and apply.

5. Study Anywhere

Without doubt, this is one of the strongest points in favour of online education. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing right now, you can enroll onto a course at any time. Choose the best learning environment for yourself and study from home, cafe or a park in your neighbourhood.

As online education is gaining its popularity and worldwide recognition, Educate the Planet aims to empower you with a chance to get first-class education at world-acclaimed universities worldwide. Check out the programmes we offer and apply for a scholarship at the university of your choice.