Scholarship Award Policy

Eligibility requirements

  • Available to residents of the following countries: 
    • All nationalities
  • To apply for Educate the Planet Scholarships in 2016/17, you must:
    • – be a resident of Educate the Planet scholarship eligible countries, and mean to go back to your home country after the award period is over;
    • – meet Educate the Planet and Educate the Planet partners’ eligibility requirements by the time you submit a scholarship application, including age, language, current education;
    • – adhere to visa requirements of your country of study;
    • – not be an employer (or a former employer), a relative of an employer, or Educate the Planet partner (school, college, university, business school, etc.)
  • Subjects to apply
    • The list of subjects is provided here.
  • Education partners
    • The list of Educate the Planet partners is available in section Partners on our website.

Application period

Applications for scholarships can be submitted from December 1, 2015 to March 15, 2016.

Scholarship details

Educate the Planet scholarships are funded by the education foundation in cooperation with Educate the Planet partner organisations. Scholarships are provided to applicants with leadership skills and an intent to study programmes at acclaimed universities, colleges and schools in UK and other countries.   

The scholarship programme was founded in 2015 and is expected to develop into a global scale education project. Students from more than 100 countries and states worldwide are expected to come.

Educate the Planet programme offers full and partially funded scholarships for full-time, part-time and online study courses across a variety of programme types, levels and specialisations. A programme gives access to one-year study at a diploma or degree study, one online programme or two-week study at a language programme in any subject.  

Educate the Planet scholarships are offered in positive partnership with global leaders and influencers to support low- and middle-income scholars who want to acquire education internationally.

Scholarship award value

Depends on the award.

Scholarships coverage

Most Educate the Planet scholarships include:

  • Tuition fees (full or partial);
  • Individual accommodation costs.  

There are scholarships that cover a part of study costs in the UK, such as tuition fees only or a part of the tuition fee. Terms and conditions of each scholarship are specified during the application process.

Application process

Application submission for programmes starting in 2016/17 is now open.

To get a scholarship, you must create an account, choose a programme and submit Educate the Planet application form.

Before you submit an application form, please make sure you have looked through the Guidance for Applicants and the Terms and Conditions for Educate the Planet Scholarship Awards.

Contact details

Contact us at

Funding provider

Educate the Planet and Educate the Planet partners

Please remember that the database is regularly updated and should be used as a guidance that may not provide a complete list of funding options.

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