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Educate the Planet has a presence across a range of social platforms. These enable us to interact with our scholars, raise awareness about Educate the Planet activities and attract new partners. You can find us on:


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We welcome your participation and appreciate your feedback in topic discussions. However, we expect our scholars, alumni and other fellow members to write their comments in line with good practices and policies of polite and mutually respectful debate.

Here is a list of Educate the Planet social media guidelines:

1 – We do not welcome and do not publish comments that:

    1. – Cause offence or abuse others.  
    2. – Provide inappropriate content that would not be acceptable in real-life discussions, such as:

1.2.1 – Humiliating, harassing or threatening other users, organisations or website administrators.

1.2.2 – Publishing content with hateful, discriminatory or pornographic context.  

1.2.3 – Providing infringing or discriminating statements regarding sex, gender, race, nationality, physical disability, sexual orientation, religious identity or age.  

1.3 – Include or imply illegal conduct.

1.4 – Include spam or imply content with advertising emphasis except where it is for an event or article that has direct relevance to the subject matter, such as location information or knowledge sharing.  

1.5 – Make reference to Educate the Planet, the Educate the Planet Scholarship Committee, or the Embassies/High Commissions from a personal viewpoint.

2 – We will not publish or will remove comments that infringe any of the above mentioned guidelines.

3 – Comments will not be edited in any way. If we remove a post, we will contact you to justify our decision. Repeat violators will be excluded from Educate the Planet social media discussions for an indefinite term.     

4 – Content posted on Educate the Planet social media pages, including closed groups, can be openly distributed across networks. Educate the Planet social media users should be aware of this fact and take precautions against unauthorised use of confidential or sensitive data across social media channels.    

5 – To create a group on Educate the Planet page, profile or any other social platform, or to use Educate the Planet brand or name for any purpose, users must apply for permission.

6 – Current policy guidelines can be revised at any time and without notification.

7 – Scholars and fellows should be mindful of a social media policy adopted by their school, college or university.  


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