Transparency Statement


We aim to deliver lasting change for the people and communities we work with. To achieve this, we need to be open about what we do, so our applicants, donors and supporters can trust us to spend their money wisely, and the people, communities and partners we work with can help make our shared work as effective as possible.

We are always willing to learn from things that didn’t go so well, in order to improve our performance and increase our impact in the future.

How we are governed

Educate The Planet is a non for profit company limited by guarantee (number 09826651, England and Wales). We are bound by our Memorandum of Articles. Information about our vision and mission in the world is included on the About page of this website.

We are governed by a Director and Board of Advisors. The executive management of our work is led by our Management Team.


We make this pledge to our supporters:

  •      We will always respect your privacy; if you prefer not to be contacted by certain methods please let us know.
  •      We will always protect your data; we will not sell your personal details to any other organisation.
  •      We have a supporter care team who are dedicated to you. We always love to hear from you.
  •      We will share stories of how your support is helping to change lives for the better.
  •      We will be honest with you. If we face challenges or make a mistake we will let you know; we are always learning.
  •      We are accountable to the people we reach through your support.

Who we work with

We work in partnership with local and international language and business schools, colleges, universities, NGOs, community-based organisations and community groups in both our humanitarian and long-term development work. We provide information about partner organisations on the Partners page.

We work with government ministries to implement projects and influence policies in favour of communities’ global-wide.

We work in partnership with state owned and private sector companies when we believe that the partnership will lead to positive outcomes for people and is in line with our values.

Forward accountability

EtP UK’s governance team is responsible for supporting EtP’s country offices to enable the communities we work with to hold us accountable. Known as ‘forward accountability’, this approach aims to put our primary stakeholders – the people and communities whom we seek to assist – at the very heart of our work.

The aim is to enable project participants (or intended ‘beneficiaries’) to genuinely understand and influence the programmes from which they ought to benefit, and in this way hold EtP accountable. We work to ensure the active involvement of participants (people and communities), and provide opportunities for feedback and dialogue between EtP and our applicants, at all stages of our services.

Humanitarian codes of practice

In fast-moving emergency responses we are committed to the best practice and continuous improvement. We are looking forward to become a member of the Humanitarian Accountability Partnership and being on the board of The Sphere Project which brings together a wide range of humanitarian agencies to promote effective and accountable humanitarian assistance. The Sphere Handbook provides common principles and universal minimum standards for the delivery of quality humanitarian responses.

Last updated November 2015


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