Two New Education Partners Joined Educate the Planet Foundation

Educate the Planet partnership network has expanded – two new organisations are now Foundation partners.

Two new organisations have joined Educate the Planet Foundation – London School of Public Relations, a business development and training school, and the Centre for Issue and Crisis Management, an independent strategic management consultancy.

These are internationally recognised business schools that provide training and certification across a variety of specialisations and business areas. They help talented individuals and self-motivated businessmen undergo continuing personal and professional development to align their competencies and qualifications with the needs and requirements of the developing world. The range of individual and corporate training courses covers a plethora of business areas, from brand, PR and reputation management to risk assessment, security and safety issues. Organisations also provide consultancy services to corporate clients and have solid experience in reputation and communication management.

Both schools address the growing need for organisations to develop reputation management capabilities and to strategically anticipate emerging issues and prevent them from becoming a crisis. LSPR is focused on reputation management, while CICM principal focus is on vulnerability and risk analysis, plus how to handle a crisis and its consequences. Such skills are going to at the forefront of business education for the coming years.

“Everyone thinks about changing the world, but very few people think about changing themselves to make this world a better and safer place to live and work. To resolve conflicts and take well-reasoned decisions, people should proceed with lifelong personal and professional development. Through accessible quality education, Educate the Planet drives the development process on a global scale and lets everyone make personal contribution to the world improvement”, – comments Educate the Planet Advisor Michael Rye.

“Contemporary businesses and organisations experience hard times. In a constantly changing world, they have to be prudent to manage risks and vigorous to take strategic decisions. With this in mind, Educate the Planet fosters business-tailored education based on research and innovation”, – says John Dalton, Educate the Planet Advisor and Centre for Issue and Crisis Management CEO.

Both organisations are committed to the Foundation’s global mission and recognise the importance of quality and comprehensive education in addressing global problems and building viable communities worldwide. In cooperation with other Foundation’s partners, the new organisations provide complete support and consulting to Foundation’s awardees regarding their professional and academic issues.

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