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Language schools, colleges and universities in the UK are considered among the best in the world. Along with Cambridge and Oxford, there is a plenty of schools, colleges and universities that apply remarkably high education standards to students both from the UK and from abroad. Higher education in Scotland also has its own unique history and high standards, and studying there may be a more affordable option for those who can’t bear high living costs in London.

The roadway to higher education in the UK has a range of steps that students take at a relatively early age. After finishing secondary education at the age of around 16, students can opt for further education, which makes them eligible for higher education. GCSEs are standard tests for secondary school-leavers. They open both work and study perspectives for a school or college graduate.

The next step is the sixth form of a college. It offers an opportunity to pass A-Levels on chosen subjects, as a results of which a student can enter a higher education institution. Foreign students must pass these exams or provide an equal qualification from their country of residence. A standardized English test (IELTS or TOEFL) is required.

British education system is unique, and it has influenced many other countries (e.g. Malaysia which has similar A-Levels courses). Students from countries that don’t have equivalent programmes and tests have to start from the Foundation programme. Foundation courses last one year and prepare the student for application to the university in the UK.

Bachelor’s degree is the most common undergraduate degree in the UK. Unlike most other countries, there is a significant difference between honours and non-honours Bachelor’s degrees. Also, the BAs awarded at universities of Cambridge and Oxford are considered graduate degrees.

Master’s degree is the next step after the Bachelor’s degree. There are both undergraduate and postgraduate Master’s degree courses in the UK. Examples of undergraduate MA programmes are medicine, veterinary and dentistry.

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