Scholarships for African Students

A rapidly growing number of young people and the lack of university places have transformed Africa into the largest hot spot for internationally mobile students. As of September 2015, 6% of African students obtained degrees overseas and 50% acquired education regionally.

Insufficiency of education resources in African countries is a pressing issue. However, many African students leave their homes to expand their intellectual horizons as well as obtain skills and competencies that help them gain competitive edge in international job markets. Studying abroad brings about much more than just differences in language, people’s habits or traditions. In a foreign setting, young people get once-in-a-lifetime experience and develop vital skills that no classroom setting can provide.  

Top academic destinations for African students globally are France, Britain and United States. Another popular interregional study destination is South Africa, catering for students from Zimbabwe, Namibia and Botswana. Students from Sub-Saharan Africa mainly choose France as their place to live and study. Other study destinations for African youth include Malaysia, Canada and Australia.

Scholarships for African Students to Study Abroad 2016-2017

There are plenty of opportunities for African students to lay the foundation for their academic and professional future in a foreign country. Applying for scholarships for Africans in the UK, the USA and other countries with world’s best-performing education systems at Educate the Planet foundation can be a good start.

On a global level, granting scholarships for African students to study abroad, the foundation brings about positive changes in terms of higher living standards and improved lifestyles in developing countries. On an individual level, the foundation uncovers opportunities for ambitious and skilled African students to develop specific personal and career-related skills and redefine their professional aspirations in the context of these newly obtained skills.

Top Reasons to Study Overseas

Studying abroad is a life-changing experience that opens up lots of career prospects.

  • Advanced academic programmes

The UK, the USA and France being top study destinations for Africans, have world’s foremost education systems and have always performed flawlessly across all academic levels, from primary to graduate and postgraduate degrees. A varied choice of courses, specialisations and research activities leave much room for self-discovery, personal and professional fulfillment.

  • Extensive employment opportunities

Over the recent years, global job markets reflect the growing importance of internationalisation. Job opportunities and career prospects in world’s most developed countries are enormous. More and more employers seek graduates who can think critically without regard to their immigration, social or financial status.

  • Personal development

Live in a foreign setting gives students a chance to reflect on themselves and reconsider their values (or strengthen them through challenges).

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