Scholarships for Indian students in the UK

Over the recent years, the number of international students obtaining university education in foreign countries has increased significantly. Asian students make up over 53 per cent of foreign students who go to study abroad. The largest number of them come from India, China and Korea. According to the official statistics, India has one of the highest rates in the number of students who left their native countries to study abroad. The most popular study destinations for Indian students include the USA, the UK, Canada and New Zealand.

Scholarships and Grants for Indian Students 2016-2017

Scholarships can be awarded to all students irrespective of their backgrounds, specific talents or chosen disciplines. Educate the Planet foundation grants scholarships to motivated Indian students who are unable to find the right courses in their countries or cannot afford to enroll in world’s universities because of high tuition fees.

The foundation offers scholarships covering tuition fees and, in some cases, accommodation costs. Scholarships are available across various levels and study programmes, ranging from English courses and GCSE programmes to BA and MA/MSc and MBA degrees. Every student can choose a course and specialisation according to his/her interests, abilities and eligibility requirements. The Foundation has gained support of top ranked UK universities and colleges that accept Indian students. The most acclaimed among them are the University of Buckingham, David Game College and London School of Public Relations, to name a few.

Why Study in the UK

There are many aspects of the growing interest in the UK. First of all, studying in the UK is a life-altering experience that transforms people’s lives in a profound way. The cosmopolitan setting, vibrant and diverse culture, and a myriad of opportunities for personal and professional growth make the UK a top hot spot to live and study.

  • Acclaimed universities, colleges and schools

There is great amount of universities and schools in Britain with well-deserved reputation worldwide, providing internationally recognised education. They offer carefully designed curricula, world-class academic facilities and available scholarships for Indian students to study in UK.

  • Varied and high-quality courses

British universities provide a great choice of courses across a variety of subject areas, from computer sciences, business and marketing to politics, medicine and law.  

  • Intensive research opportunities

A wide range of British universities, including the University of Buckingham and Coventry University, involve talented and ambitious students in research activities at innovative academic centres, which enables them to make valuable discoveries and shape a modern life.

  • Available scholarships

Universities and colleges in the UK offer a broad range of scholarships for Indian students to study abroad. They open up opportunities for students who experience financial challenges and cannot afford to study overseas.

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