Scholarships for Nigerian Students

Nigeria is a country with vast potential, but its education capacity can hardly keep up with the growing demand for university education. Every year, there are about 1.5 million Nigerian students who seek undergraduate placements, with only half a million of them available at Nigerian universities. Others are bound to go to private universities in neighboring countries or search for opportunities of studying overseas. This fact explains why the majority of Nigerians express strong interest in getting education in foreign countries, such as the USA, the UK, Malaysia, Canada and Russia.

Scholarships for Nigerian Students 2016-2017

Getting academic experience in an international setting is a strong chance of improving one’s lifestyle and getting outstanding career prospects which Nigerian students are less likely to find in their home country. Educate the Planet Foundation has undertaken a global mission to make education available to every motivated Nigerian student through scholarships to study in the United States, the United Kingdom, or in Russia. With the foundation support, young people can overcome financial challenges of paying high tuition fees and ensure their chances of success in academic and professional life.

Advantages of getting scholarships for Nigerian students at Educate the Planet include:

  • Coverage of tuition fees and, in some cases, accommodation costs;
  • A broad range of scholarships across a variety of programmes, levels and specialisations;
  • Academic and training experience at US most top-ranked universities and colleges;
  • Comprehensive support and consulting from the Foundation Project Advisory Board.

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Opportunities for Nigerian Students to Study in the US and the UK

The number of Nigerian students entering the UK and the US universities is growing at a rapid-fire pace. According to the US Embassy statistics, as of May 2015, there were approximately 7,000 Nigerian students who decided to broaden their experience and acquire education at US universities, colleges and schools.

Both the United Kingdom and the United States take pride in having the most advanced university education system in the world. There are no fewer than 7,000 universities and colleges, providing outstanding undergraduate and postgraduate programmes across a variety of disciplines and professional fields. Some of them employ a dynamic, innovative approach to education based on research and technology, whereas others stick to common educational methods. Whichever field of study or discipline you choose, you will have opportunities to gain skills in both broad educational and practical study areas.

Key academic advantages for Nigerian students in the UK or the USA include:

  • Vast educational opportunities and campus life experience;
  • Foremost technologies, facilities and resources available to internationals students;
  • Opportunities for on-campus research and training;
  • Choice and flexibility.

The United States is a country that uncovers not only great educational prospects but also abounds in extensive long-term career opportunities. International students are welcome at large US companies with strong presence in local and global markets. Talented Nigerian students with vast cross-cultural and communication skills are high in demand among companies which run business internationally.

The UK education opens a lot of doors in international students’ home countries, and Nigeria is not an exception. A lot of graduates return back to Nigeria to build better and stronger communities and invest their knowledge and energy into changing their home country’s future to the better.

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